30ml Hand Sanitiser (Lt Blue)

  • 30 ml hand sanitiser.
  • The formulation kills 99.9% of germs and disinfects
    your hands.
  • A handy pocket size with a clip so you can attach it to

    your Keys, Lanyard, School Bag, Belt etc.

  • The gel consistency requires no rinsing or water.
  • 75% ethanol alcohol.
  • Designed to help leave your hands feeling soft and
    smooth after use.
  • Perfect for personal use, whether at the gym or office
  • Great for kids at school


This Trafalgar Clip Hand Sanitiser is ideal for everyday use to keep your hands clean and free of germs. The formulation requires no water or rinsing, making it convenient to use regularly. It can easily clip to your keys, belt, or lanyard so you can take it on the go.


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