Used Caravans - Heatherbrae

 7th Street Caravans at Heatherbrae is the perfect place to see the latest range of used vans to suit all tastes and  budgets.
 Come and see us up on the Pacific Highway at Heatherbrae (just up from McDonalds) and experience the service and pricing we are renowned for.

All Vans are Workshop Tested and Serviced!!!

                                ..................... More Vans Are Arriving!  Clearance Prices on all used Vans!

Legacy Envy 630 (LEG12086) 2015 Model Caravan, Body Size: 20'6", Tare Weight: 2200kg, Ball Weight: 220kg
Golden Eagle Eureka (AJ2670) 2013 Model Caravan, Internal Size: 20' x 7'9", Tare Weight: 2180kg
Regent Brentwood (LS11055) 2011 Model Cravan, Body Size: 22'6 x 7'9, Tare Weight: 2600kg
New Age Oz Classic (LJ3103) 2012 Model Caravan, Body Size: 21'6 x 7'9, Tare Weight: 2380kg
Jurgens Lunagazer (TC12KP) 2016 Model Caravan, Body Size: 19'6 x 7'9", Tare Weight: 1720kg
First Class Connoisser (FCC14077) 2014 Model Caravan, External Size: 22'6", Tare Weight: 2740kg
Concept Ascot (TBC0XJ) 2016 Model Caravan, Internal Size: 22'6", Tare Weight: 2739kg
Concept Innovation (TE73ET), 2018 Model Caravan, External Size: 20'6, Tare Weight: 2273kg
Vacationer Rough Rider 206R (VAC1179) 2018 Model Caravan, External Size: 20'6, Tare Weight: 2559kg
Universal Double Spartan (GG16002) 2016 Model Caravan, 25' x 7'9" Ext, Tare Mass 3250kg
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