Now have a look at the couplings to connect your van up to your car. First of all your standard trailer coupling, in this case it’s a seven pin round plug. It connects into your car and gives the van the necessary power to operate travelling lights, brakes, blinkers etc., as well as providing 12 volt power to the van to run your fridge.

Secondly there is an ‘Anderson plug’ which is for very heavy duty wiring designed for connecting your car battery to the van battery and its prime and only purpose is to provide power directly to the battery system of the van.

A 'Brake Safe' unit is highly recommended for caravan towing. This is an over-ride braking system that has a wire connected to this pull-away coupling, and this wire is to be connected to a part of the vehicle that’s not part of the towing system, ie it is not connected to the tow ball or the tow bar. Should there be a break away of the towing system, this cable will stay with the car, separate from the brake safe unit and apply the brakes to the van automatically.

One of the power options is, of course, gas. Just a word of caution, when using the blue valves on the top of each gas canister, make sure they’re turned off when travelling.

One of the things that is recommended to do before heading off in your van is a safety check on your windows, just to make sure that they are locked properly. It is simply a case of placing your fingernails behind the edge of each window and making sure that they don’t come out at all ensuring that they have been locked securely in place.

Jacking Point:
In the unfortunate event of a flat tyre, the Retreat caravans have a reinforced jacking point standard located just behind the tyres. This jacking point also incorporates the standard fitting for a 'Trail-A-Mate' jack.